T-shirt Idea: Goodbyes Stink

I began the farewell process the first week of August. Saying goodbye to all of my lovely CK coworkers (and the job itself!) was pretty bittersweet. They’ve all been so supportive and kind throughout the years; I definitely shed some tears!!

Tomorrow, Greg and I will be saying goodbye to our beautiful condo in NE Minneapolis. We’ve spent the last few weeks packing and cleaning nonstop to prepare our space for our new tenants, and now that it’s just about empty, I’m feeling a little sad. I know we’ll be back in a year, but we’ve spent a lot of time and effort in making this place our own. It’ll be weird to say goodbye to it.

This weekend, Greg and I will be saying goodbye to all of our friends and family. OOF. When we announced our plans to everyone, the move date was so far away. Then suddenly, a friend said to me, “even if we hang out once a week each week before you leave, that’s only 4 more times we’ll see each other!” and reality began to really sink in. Of course we’re beyond excited for our new adventure, but it will be hard not seeing the ones we love as often as we do now.

Anyway, if you see us before we fly out, don’t be alarmed if we get a little sniffly and teary-eyed. It’s a big scary thing to move to another country, even if only for a year. I’ll gladly take any positive vibes you can spare as we prepare to wave goodbye to everything and everyone we know.


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