Sullivan’s Travel Plans

Yup. Our cute, goofy and wonderful kitty is coming with us on our trip to Southampton! We have gotten so many questions about how we’re doing it, so I thought I’d take a moment to update you on Sullivan’s travel itinerary.

Pets are not allowed to fly into the UK in the cabin of a plane. So, Sullivan must fly in as cargo (AH! It’s really scary, I know.) . Since he wouldn’t be able to sit with us anyway, Greg and I decided to ship Sullivan on a different airline and day. He will be flying Iceland Air about a week and a half after we leave. We chose Iceland Air because they were the only airline that actually answered our many, many questions regarding pet transport. Way to go, Iceland Air!

The following is Sullivan’s itinerary.

  • Tuesday, September 13: Greg’s mom will bring Sullivan to the vet for a final health check. The vet will give him the OK to travel and a health certificate.
  • Wednesday, September 14: Health certificate will be brought to the USDA office in St. Paul for the official “this cat is allowed to enter the United Kingdom” stamp.
  • Thursday, September 15: Greg’s parents will drop Sullivan and his paperwork off at the Air General office at the airport. Sullivan will be handed off to Iceland Air and he’ll fly out of Minneapolis at 7:30pm.
  • Friday, September 16: After a quick layover in Iceland, Sullivan will arrive at Heathrow in London, and we’ll be able to pick him up.

Sullivan is currently lounging on Greg’s lap. He’s got no idea what is about to happen! Poor little guy. Hopefully his flight goes smoothly and he doesn’t retaliate too much once he’s safe at his new home in Southampton!


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