Settling In

We finally made it to Southampton! We are still without Internet (looks like we won’t be getting it until late next week), but luckily I’m able to use my phone as a hotspot.

Our flight here was long but fine. Nothing out of the ordinary! At one point, we flew right next to a massive thunderstorm. We were able to see lightening from above the huge thundercloud. It was pretty cool and just a little terrifying.

We arrived in Southampton Tuesday evening. We stayed with a lovely couple in our building for the night, and then got the keys to our new place bright and early Wednesday morning.

Our new place was furnishwhatsapp-image-2016-09-09-at-12-45-18-pmed with the absolute bare minimum, so several trips to IKEA later, I think we finally have everything we need to call this place home. Our building is right on the water. It’s been fun watching all of the sailboats come and go. And I had no idea seagulls were SO LOUD. I honestly thought a girl was screaming at one point. Nope. Just a seagull.

We were able to explore Southampton a little bit on Wednesday. There are so many restaurants around us! It’s awesome, and dangerous, at the same time.

Did you know the Titanic departed for her voyage from a port here in Southampton? We had no idea! Apparently, 500+ of the 1500 victims were from Southampton. 1912 must have been a rough year for the people here.

We didn’t do much yesterday because I was sick. I think it was a mixture of food poisoning, dehydration, and exhaustion. I’m feeling much better today, though, thankfully! Greg started working remotely yesterday, too. Even when he logs on at 10am our time, he’s still the only one online. This is what I get to hear every morning now: “Once again, I’m the only one online. Typical.” 🙂

Tomorrow, Greg and I are going to take a bus or train into London for the weekend!


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