Day Trip to London

Okay so, we learned a valuable lesson yesterday: Plan your trip ahead of time! While we had a great time in London yesterday, it was a little unorganized.

We got a pretty late start as we’re still trying to get through jet lag. We didn’t end up leaving Southampton until around 2pm, because we didn’t wake up until 12…oops. We arrived at Waterloo around 3:30. Okay! Now what?! Food.

Waterloo brings you pretty close to Westminster. We walked over the Westminster bridge and were greeted by a spectacular view of the good ol’ Big Ben. We’re the worst at being tourists. Greg despises getting his picture taken (“I’m gonna make a suit out of photo-reflective material so I appear as a white blur in photos,” he says), and I get anxious when there are too many people around, but dang it, I wanted a picture of and with that clock tower, so we still managed to get some good pictures.

All right, picture with Big Ben: done. On to find something to eat!

As we wandered around Westminster, we stumbled upon the Tour of Britain, a bike race blocking all of the streets my phone was telling me restaurants were on. Watching the bikers zoom by was pretty neat, for sure, but Greg and I were starving. We still haven’t really bought any food for our apartment, so it was about 4pm and we hadn’t eaten anything all day.

As we tried to avoid the mobs of people watching the bike race, we happened upon a super swanky part of London. I believe we were in Soho (at least that’s what Google told me). We wandered past designer shop after designer shop, and eventually came across some restaurants. YAY FOOD!

We ate at a restaurant called The Warwick. The waitress was funny, the food was decent, and the card reader worked eventually 🙂

By now, it was 6pm, and all we had really done was see Big Ben. The only other thing I knew I absolutely wanted to do was visit Platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross station, which was about a 40 minute walk from where we were. The walk to King’s Cross was nice. On the way, we walked past the theatre where The Cursed Child is playing and the line was wrapped all around the building. We’ll definitely be back there!

The line to get your picture taken at Platform 9 3/4 was long, but Greg knew I really wanted my picture, so he waited patiently in line with me. I was surprised by the variety of people wanting pictures! We saw one really cute old couple get their picture taken. The man stood pushing the cart while his wife posed next to it, both wearing Gryffindor scarves. Gah! Precious.

“123…JUMP!” my picture was taken, and it was time to head back to Southampton. Greg and I successfully navigated the tube station from King’s Cross back to Waterloo train station, go us, and we got back to Southampton around 10pm.

Our first trip to London was fun, and while we each got a bit grouchy without food, we still had a good time. Hopefully, if we plan better, we can get some more sight seeing done next time!




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