Southampton, Winchester, Bournemouth

We had no idea Southampton played such a big role in so many moments in history. Since moving here, we learned the Titanic departed from a dock less than a mile from our apartment, Jane Austen spent a good amount of time here, and the Mayflower stopped here to pick up more Pilgrims before making its way to America. It makes me wonder if Southampton was ever mentioned in our history books as kids and I just forgot.


Southampton Titanic memorial

Last weekend, Greg and I spent the day exploring Winchester. Talk about history! From Jane Austen’s final resting place to King Arthur’s Round Table, Winchester is shrouded in history. And with so many old buildings, it even feels like you’ve stepped back in time walking through some parts of the city.

We strolled along the River Itchen, browsed through the coolest little book/print shop, visited Winchester Cathedral, and stopped at a pub for lunch. Our day trip in Winchester was a lot of fun, but we definitely didn’t see everything we wanted to. Winchester hosts a massive farmer’s market on the second and last Sunday of the month, so we’ll try to make it back there for that. I also desperately want to see the Round Table. I’ve been singing ‘Knights of the Round Table’ from Monty Python and the Holy Grail all week.


Winchester Cathedral

Today, we took a bus into Bournemouth. Bournemouth is on the southern coast of England and is known for its long stretch of sandy beach. It was beautiful! We got a late start (it’s a habit we’ve really gotta break), so we weren’t able to do too much exploring. However, we wandered up and down the beach for quite a while, and even though it was a bit chilly and windy, we both loved it. We stopped at Stable Pizza for a flight of cider and dinner (SO GOOD) before heading back to Southampton.


Bournemouth Beach

As I type this, Greg and Sullivan are running around like maniacs. It’s so nice to have Sullivan here! He really makes this place home.

Tomorrow, I will head back to Winchester to begin my course! I have a class on Monday (Writer as Researcher) and a class on Tuesday (Fiction for Children), each three hours long. I’m beyond excited to start, and even more excited that both classes don’t begin until 6pm. Hooray for sleeping in!



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