These last few days have gone by SO quickly! Probably because we had our first visit from friends. You know what they say; time flies when you’re having fun 🙂

Our awesome friends Bob and Betsy landed in England on Thursday, the 29th of September, and split off from us on Monday, October 3rd to do their own thing in London for their anniversary (awww you two are so cute, by the way).

Thursday, September 29th:

  • Bob and Betsy got to Southampton around dinner time, so we gave them a quick tour of our place, and then headed to a nearby restaurant for dinner. After dinner, we took a walk around Southampton, and then took it easy the rest of the night. Traveling is exhausting!

Friday, September 30th:

  • Greg had to work, but was able to join us for breakfast before sitting down at his desk.  We went to a cute little coffee and wine bar just down the street from our flat called No.4. I tried crumpets for the first time, and Greg had the tiniest pancakes I’ve ever seen. Overall, it was delicious.

Round Table

  • After breakfast, we said goodbye to Greg and I gave B&B a brief tour of Southampton. After that, we took a train into Winchester. We stopped inside the Winchester Cathedral to see Jane Austen’s memorial, and then the Great Hall to see King Arthur’s Round Table. Finally, we stopped at a pub for a quick bite and a couple pints.
  • We met up with Greg for dinner at the delicious pizza and pie restaurant, The Stable, and spent the rest of the night watching silly British celebrity game shows.


Saturday, October 1st:


Stonehenge with Betsy

  • Stonehenge!!
  • After checking out one of the 7 Wonders of the World, we explored Salisbury a bit, got a “Proper Hamburger” at a restaurant called Byron, and then headed back to Southampton
  • After a quick rest at home, we got dinner at a nearby pub, and then checked out the Dancing Man brewery. I think the general consensus of the brewery was ‘meh’


Sunday, October 2nd:


Greg at the National Gallery

  • We took the train into London and saw Buckingham Palace, enjoyed afternoon tea at Fortnum & Mason, saw a movie being filmed, meandered through the National Gallery, and tried out some Irish food at a restaurant called Waxy O’Connor’s, a crazy, 6 story pub right off Piccadilly Circus.
  • On our way back to the train station, we stopped at Big Ben, gazed in awe at Westminster Abbey, and tried our best to lounge in a nearby park. Lounging is something Greg and I will have to get better at while we’re here.
  • On the train back to Southampton, Betsy and I reenacted The Girl on the Train by consuming gin and tonics in a can.

Monday, October 3rd:

  • Bob and Betsy left us to spend some time together in London.

Greg and I had such a fun weekend with Bob and Betsy! It was so nice to see friends from home, but once they left, we were both left feeling a little bummed. It was a kind of, ‘what now?’ feeling. We’ll get back into the swing of things, soon, I’m sure.

Our next visitors won’t be here until mid-November. However, I’m sure the time between now and then will fly by!



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