Holidays Abroad

In England, the Christmas season begins the day after Halloween. At first, I thought it was a bit excessive. But since there hasn’t been any snow here at all, the crazy amount of Christmas decorations everywhere actually helped get me in the Christmas spirit. Maybe not working in retail helped, too, because I actually enjoyed Christmas music this year the few times I heard it.


Greg next to our Christmas tree!

Greg and I spent the week leading up to Christmas watching cheesy, made-for-TV Christmas movies every night. It was the absolute best way to spend the evenings, and I would highly recommend you all give it a try next Christmas season! There are some gems on Netflix.

Here’s a fun tidbit: Greg and I spent our first Christmas Eve together here in Southampton! That’s right, in the six years we’ve been together, we’ve always had separate Christmas Eve plans. But this year, we got to spend it together. And while I desperately missed being at my family’s annual Christmas party, it was so nice to spend the evening with Greg.

While we had a lovely evening together, we did receive the heartbreaking news that Greg’s grandma had passed away early Christmas Eve. It was difficult news to hear; Bea was such a kind and loving woman who welcomed me into her family with a hug and a kiss and without hesitation. So, Greg made plans to head back to the states for her visitation and funeral, and we spent our first New Year’s Eve apart.

But, the day Greg flew out of London, my good friend Megan flew in. We jetted off to Ireland together, and then back to Southampton for the New Year.

After a fun (but exhausting) trip to Ireland, Megan and I decided to ring in the New Year somewhere close to my apartment. We hit up a Mexican restaurant for nachos (thus our motto: “Nachos and New Years!” was born), and then headed over to a nearby bar to party with a ridiculously well-dressed crowd and a live band. Many drinks, a bathroom encounter with a friendly Canadian, and burnt pizza later, we fell asleep on the couch just two hours before Minnesota celebrated the New Year itself. It was so much fun having Megan here to party the night away with! She pushed me out of my bubble at the bar, and we met some really fun people because of it!


NYE party with Megan!

Greg has arrived back to Southampton, and Megan and I will be spending her last day in England checking out Stonehenge. A post about our trip to Ireland will be coming soon!

Happy New Year, friends!! Greg and I love and miss you all 🙂



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