The Adventures of Megan and Cori Part 2: England

A New Year’s Eve celebration that almost cost us our friendship (not really, but Megan takes her TV shows very seriously), an unforgettable trip to our first cat cafe, and seeing one of the seven wonders of the world; any way you look at it, Megan and I had a busy few days in England.

New Year’s Eve
We spent the first half of New Year’s Eve hanging out in the Dublin airport watching our plane back to Southampton get delayed again and again because of fog. It was okay, though, because we were given vouchers for a free meal. Can’t complain there!

When we made it back to Southampton, we hung out with Sullivan, beautified ourselves, and then made our way to Chiquitos for nachos, the perfect way to begin our New Year’s Eve celebrations. After some rather disappointing nachos (I will take all the blame for this), we headed to Pitcher & Piano to see what their New Year’s party was like.


We found party hats and closed down the bar.

Woo! People were dressed up! I have actually never celebrated NYE anywhere else besides my own home, so maybe people always dress up no matter what country you’re in, but it still surprised me and Megan a bit. Regardless, we had a fun night! We met a friendly Canadian in the bathroom, a Scottish man who stopped talking to me when he found out I have a boyfriend (guess you can’t be friends with someone unless you’re single), and a very intoxicated “21” year old who was weirdly unconvinced Megan and I were friends. Around 1am, P&P closed, and Megan and I popped into another bar for last call.

We finally got back to my apartment and decided to watch a couple episodes of The Walking Dead. There was a mix up about who died in the latest season premiere, and Megan was so mad at me, she could hardly talk. Eventually it was resolved, but man, that was an intense few minutes!

After a lazy day in Southampton, Megan and I took a train into London! We hit up all the big tourist attractions: Big Ben, the London Eye, Picadilly Circus, Buckingham Palace (there was a HUGE crowd there. I thought maybe we’d see the Queen, but no luck. Next time), and then stopped in a cute cafe for afternoon tea.



Later on, I googled “cat cafe in London” just to see if there was one, and was surprised to find the London Cat Village! We booked a spot, got a taxi, and made our way to East London. We had a little bit of time to kill before our reservation at the cafe, so we wandered around, and stumbled upon some Bambi and Banksy street art. That was pretty cool to see. I think you can do tours of the street art in East London, and I definitely want to do that at some point.

The London Cat Village was amazing. You have to book a time slot to visit ahead of time, but then you’re given a full hour to spend with all of the cute kitties. Not much can top a visit to a cat cafe, so Megan and I made our way back to Southampton.



Just standing in front of some rocks NBD

On Megan’s final day in England, we hopped on a train to check out Stonehenge! Even the second time around, Stonehenge was still fascinating. Because winter in England essentially just means lots of rain, half of the walkway around the stones was closed and we couldn’t walk all the way around. But, we still got some great pictures!

Megan and I woke up bright and early the next morning to head to the bus station where we had to say goodbye. I had so much fun spending 9 days with Megan, and I’m so glad we got the chance to catch up on what we’ve both been up to in the months we spent apart. I miss her already!






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