A Trip to the Happiest City in the World–Copenhagen

Over the weekend, Greg and I hopped on a happy little plane and made our happy little way to the happiest city in the world–Copenhagen, Denmark! At least, it used to be the happiest city in the world. A quick google search just told me it lost that title to Norway just this year. BUT STILL.


The Colorful houses in Nyhavn

We got to our beautiful Airbnb in quiet Østerbro around 6pm on Friday evening and, after taking a moment to settle in, headed into Central Copenhagen for dinner. Greg found this awesome restaurant called Tight and we feasted on the 5-course taster menu. It allowed us to try a bunch of Danish food we might not have otherwise tried, including cured raw salmon! My mom will never believe me. All of the food was delicious. If you find yourself in Copenhagen, make it a point to check out Tight. After dinner, we wandered around the city for a little bit and then called it a night.

On Saturday, we slept in and then lounged around the Airbnb, sipping coffee and snacking on the treats our hosts left us, before making our way back into the city. First on the agenda: lunch! We stopped at a place called Maven and ate open-faced sandwiches (otherwise known as smørrebrød) and drank ciders on the patio and then made our way to the Round Tower (Rundetårn) which was just next door.


Inside the Round Tower!

The Rundetårn is different than the other towers we’ve climbed on our trips. It is a 17-century tower with a gently sloping helical corridor leading all the way up to the top. This means: no stairs (except for a few right at the very top)! It was really cool to walk up, and the views of Copenhagen once we were up were breathtaking.

After that, we lounged around in one of Copenhagen’s beautiful parks and then headed back towards Østerbro to check out Copenhagen’s fortress, which sits behind a star-shaped moat. After a quick rest back at the Airbnb (I did something to my foot and all this walking was making it worse!), we made our way back into Central Copenhagen for dinner at a place called Madklubben Bistro-de-Luxe. I am still dreaming about the ‘crushed’ potatoes they served us. Oh my goodness. Let me tell you, the Danish know what to do with a potato.

On Sunday, Greg and I caught a train from Østerbro to Malmö, Sweden to spend some more time in Greg’s favorite country. The train ride is about 45 minutes over the Baltic Sea, half of which takes you over the longest bridge I’ve ever been on. We got lunch in Malmö and then made our way towards the coast. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to spend too much time enjoying the coast because a few minutes after we got there, it started pouring. Being the incredibly prepared world-travelers we are, Greg and I had not a thing to protect us from the rain. No umbrellas. No raincoats. I didn’t even have a hood! So, we got drenched. We hung out under an awning for a bit, hoping the rain would let up. But when it didn’t, we took a deep breath and ran back through the city to the train station. We arrived back in Copenhagen sopping wet and freezing cold. But hey! What’s an adventure without a little rain?


Greg touching the Baltic Sea for the second time this year!

That night, since we were cold and it was still raining on and off, we got dinner at a little Italian restaurant closer to our Airbnb called Hos Fischer. It was a delicious last meal in Copenhagen, and I was able to try a type of wine I’d never had before: Barbera. I definitely plan on looking for it next time I’m wine shopping.

Reading through this, it sounds like we didn’t really do much besides eat in Copenhagen. But I think that’s just because instead of trying to see as many ‘attractions’ as we could, Greg and I just spent our time relaxing and enjoying the city and its people. Because of that, I really liked Copenhagen. Much like Sweden, it felt a lot like home, and by the end of our short weekend trip, I was wishing we had just one or two more days to spend there. I think that says a lot about the general vibe of the city, but also about how I might actually be a little more homesick than I had realized. Of course, I hate to admit that. One, because I’m nowhere near ready to leave England, this beautiful, amazing country which I love and love and love. But also, I’ve gone almost a year without feeling very homesick and I want to believe I’m strong enough to continue not feeling homesick. But I found myself wanting to spend as much time as I could in a place that reminded me so much of home. So dang it, I guess I miss good old Minnesota.

But anyway, we have two full months left in England. So now Greg and I need to decide which countries on our ‘to visit’ list we want to see most/again. Odds are it’ll be between Norway, Spain, Wales and the South of France. But don’t worry, we’ll keep you posted!



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